The truth may be how you see the world, but this is how I feel it.

In today’s ever expanding global economic capitalist society we all seem to have become disconnected. Ironic? Isn’t it. That a society built on technological advances like the internet, social networking, Skype, even a simple telephone call, strive for human interaction and meaningful connection. These constructs epitomise the intrinsic human need and nature to feel connected, recognised, and interrelated. Our social constructions through technology desperately cry out the need for human voices to connect, paths to cross, and lives to share.

However, in whatever way the perceived ‘real world’ may be, we are passive consumers of our dominated hierarchical selves, through and onto each other. Our fast paced unjust monster of a consumerist society has forced us to believe that we are disconnected with our surroundings, with nature and with the earth. We believe that we are separate from it and that we are superior to it.

This is not the truth; this is not the way it is supposed to be.

I feel it in the core of my bones, in the crux of my heart, and the essence of my soul. We are all part of the universe and part of the earth. We grow and age as the trees do, we sleep and awake with the day like the flowers do, we live by the warmth of the sun as all things do, we breathe the same air. We are all a part of it, in every imaginable way possible, a manifestation of the cosmos, your very breathe is a testimony to miracles.

I know these things; I see the truth in them. I have heard it in the silence, I have felt it under the souls of my feet, I have touched it every time I breathe in. I do believe with all my every being that we can help nature and our planet, we can restore balance. We can protect and preserve it, appreciate and nurture it, and finally, connect with it and each other.

But, wait. The world is too far gone by now right, and of course; one person can’t save the world. Yes that is true, one person cannot change the world, but one person is not supposed to. We all are. It is our responsibility to be more ethical and just than the society that came before us. It is our duty to rescue our earth from its crisis. It is crucial to every single being on this planet.

Each individual action and choice has a consequence and the decisions that we make determine how we live through the results.


What’s not in the news today.


Let’s be real here, we all know that the news is usually (almost all of the time) filled with distracting, brain-numbing, convoluted bullshit in order to distract us from the real things that are happening in the world.  This is horrendously tragic because it creates uneducated, desensitized citizens, however, in a way it’s understandable.

If we knew everything in its most honest and true form we would probably all spin into a frenzied panic, but at the same time we all deserve the right to know the truth and try and make a change for the better using that knowledge.

So here is a little article telling you something that’s probably not in the news today.

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Writing prompt: Outside my window


I am currently on a journey to (hopefully) become a better writer, but I have so many metaphors and questions that run out of my veins onto a page that I need something to ground my cloud.  I decided that I needed a little bit of guidance and resorted to the help of my crafty friend, google. The first writing prompt I found was, write what is happening outside your window, well here goes.

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The Sweet Smell of Success. The Sweet Smell of Estee Lauder.


Estée Lauder was a sophisticated and stylish Countess of Europe, born in Vienna who sold high-class exclusive perfumes and beauty products.  Esther Lauter was an average Austrian wife divorced from Joseph Lauter, a textile salesman.  Josephine Esther Mentzer was a savvy scientist who spent all her time cooking her Uncle’s suspicious ‘special’ creams in her backyard.  Esther Mentzer was a senseless saleswoman who gave complimentary makeovers in the subway station.

Wait, who exactly was this wealthy self-made business woman who took the world by scent and storm and became the crème de la crème of the cosmetics industry?  How did Estée Lauder become the successful entrepreneur of a multimillion dollar empire?

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